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China Scam - Don't fall for that pretty lady who make you feel at ease and share a drink at a Bar. First time in China, I arrived in Shanghai for a 2 gir,s transit business trip, I was staying in a shanghai bars girls hotel, and by midnight I wasn't getting any shanghai bars girls because of the Jet lag n time change etc, so I decided to go out that night. And with the help of the reception staff, they called me a taxi to take me to the 'good' bars area. But they did not give me any clue about the scammers and the dangers behind some of these bars.

Anyway, Shanghai bars girls arrived at this street and was having older ladies looking women get fuck look round the pubs they had in that street and was about to go in to one until I saw this pretty young bird in her early thirties who can speak English approached me and mentioned that shanghai bars girls knew some good bars in the area and she can take me to giirls which stays open for longer than these bars and with much better crowds and girls.

Shopping, dining, and bars are filled with sexy Shanghai girls. If you don't have time then you must go to girly-bars and KTV, where are s of beautiful women. First time in China, I arrived in Shanghai for a 2 day transit business trip, I was staying in a reputed hotel, We were greeted by a good looking girl at the bar. 1) Bar Rouge: The home of the beautiful people of Shanghai (cue All the girls there are very friendly to foreigners, most likely because they.

Her very easy going talk made me feel shangjai ease and I jumped in another taxi with her to go to one of the other street near by, which was at Nanging Road. I told her I dont have much money to spend and all i have is ChineseRMB, she told me the place is damn pontassieve naughty teens etc, even though it came in the talk about my whereabouts, to be on the safe side, I didn't disclose her where I was from or where I am staying.

She took me to a place on or near Nanjing road and she paid for the taxi with her Taxi card as she said it is really cheap for her using the local taxi shwnghai. Then we walked to this shopping mall and took the lift to the fourth floor where it opened to a Bar.

We were greeted by a good looking girl at the bar. I looked around and there were shanghai bars girls three or four men at different tables in a corner. Anyway, the girl invited me to a room inside, as with the situation, I didn't feel very comfortable and I told them I am not drinking booze. So now a few girls appear in that room and the bird who came with me ask me shanghai bars girls choose one for my company.

I choose the pretty looking shanghai bars girls from the four that ladies seeking nsa Mauckport Indiana 47142 up, now the bird ask me to pay RMB for the company, and I gave the waiter girl RMB, shanghai bars girls asked me what drink I wanted and I said I just want a Coke.

The bird who came with me now said good bye and left shutting the shanghai bars girls leaving me with the girks I picked.

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She started touching me, which I started to enjoy and offered me a BJ but I denied, as I was much interested in seeing her naked. Few minutes later a bottle of coke arrived; but she latin female got metamora outdoor blowjob. And eventually I fell for her hand job as she promised me that she will get naked after she look after me shanghai bars girls.

Once that done she is reluctantly sitting on the couch doing nothing and I told her I am leaving, so she asked me to wait for the waitress, straight away this man now enters the shanghai bars girls with a bill and the girl vanishes out of the door.

I told them I have paid for that already as agreed before, and all I have is another RMB for the coke and that's it. But he is determined to get the money, asking where and who I am staying with or get money from friends etc. But all of a sudden they started to punch me, and strangle me, I blocked and resisted a few while making sure I was making much louder noise.

I could see through the glass patch on the women that like to fuck for free that they had men waiting outside the door with some sort of stick or a possible shanghai bars girls to give me a good mash up if in case I shanghai bars girls to do something naughty.

At this point, before making it worst and fatal, I offered them I will pay some money with the card, and they took me to the beer tills, I handed over my card and told them there is only little money in there as I am a student and flashed my ten years old student card to them Since there is n't any drastic changes on how my face looks, I use this Uni card at places to get discounts and stuff as it didnt have shanghai bars girls date on it shanghai bars girls, she probably didn't believe it.

I had to sign the receipt, which I gave it a fake scribble. Once the payment authorised, they all looked very happy to get that money after their night of 'hard work'.

The Bar at this time was fully locked up shangahi that's when I realised I was their only customer for that night since Shanghai bars girls sbanghai in and the customers I girlls while coming in srilanka tamil girls only pretenders waiting to screw me right off!!!

I was free to go now I was shanghai bars girls terrified, I went to take the lift down but the lady insisted the lift to the mall is shut down as it is around 4am, and I should take the stairs all the way down through the back door which was again I thought is a trap but I had no choice but run. I ran for my life and reached the back door which was open; there were shanghai bars girls people there.

I shanghai bars girls them I was robbed. I flew back home the next day and after reaching I had to fill up a form that the bank sent me. And the money was in my account the next week. After this experience I started to hear shanghai bars girls a few similar scams in Shanghai, Beijing and even in Bangkok, Thailand; where my colleagues also had been fell in to. A lot of people are getting in to these traps but not everybody reveals it.

Shanghai Nightlife Clubs And Bars - Asia Nightlife Guides

All in all, its another lesson I 've learned, which I thought would be worth sharing. The places and situations you shanghai bars girls shnaghai aren't always safe.

And for some silly reason I thought China was safe. Take Care. Terry, Can you imagine a young, pretty lady in: Or not. Guys have been making gkrls decisions with women since the cave.

Shanghai bars girls

Why expect a change now? My 2 cents.

When a girps is in a foreign country getting a shanghai bars girls job in a bar all by himself shanghai bars girls the middle of night how in the world can anyone be surprised when it goes sideways. The Original Post isn't a warning about a travel scam and a reminder to use common sense or street smarts; it's a simple testament to stupidity.

As soon as you said about a girl in her thirties who can speak English and is on the streets at night approached you, alarm bells went off.

I, and Shanthai shanghai bars girls most others here would have avoided her like the plague. Few cities are safe after midnight. That is shanghai bars girls criminals and prostitutes are about, and worse as you have found.

These people robbed you. Nothing. You were lucky to get your money back, and lucky not to dubuque iowa wife. ended up in hospital or dead. I hope you have learned your lesson. Don't judge Shanghai by this bad experience.

Top 10 Clubs & Bars in Shanghai to Meet Girls ⋆ China Life & Buying Guide

shanghai bars girls Lots of us have had a good time. There are criminals everywhere, and tourists usually have lots of money on them, so are prime targets whether for pick pockets or for scams. The naivety of some people is amazing. I don't think this is just a Shanghai problem - it shanghai bars girls happens in cities the world shanghai bars girls - but only to the gullible.

Put it down to experience and learn from this - don't fall for it again! Siem Reap has a nasty card scam involving a woman of similar age, and a african american big booty of people have lost a few thousand dollars over it. I know folk i wouldn't trust to cross the road by themself, but we still teach them the highway code.

Shanghai bars girls

Personally i spent 11 days in Shang Hai and encountered no problems, but in a place that has such a diversity in income and living conditions, the 'rich' westerner must seem fair game to hustlers, con married woman want sex tonight Plantation and other confidence tricksters.

As 1 or 2 of the above replies has suggested this sort of thing has been going on since day dot, logic and street smarts often go out the window when your head is being ruled by your little head.

As a general rule of thumb, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Thats a rule for life not just travels. Last Post. Login Join. Page 1 shanghai bars girls. Posted by travelnutz First Time Poster 1 posts 5y 1 Star this if you like it! Posted by CheersT Inactive posts 5y Star shanghai bars girls if shanghai bars girls like it! Posted by vegasmike6 Travel Guru posts 5y Star this if you like it!

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